Police attacks them and Waseem gets shot by a gun because of which he is handicapped. She belongs with Araib and his family! Maha Malik Directed by: The first episode was great , but like I said, very heavy. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Javeria Saud Directed By: I was screaming by the end. On the other hand, this week, I thought Rania would finally change and learn to love and appreciate Aamir

Claim or contact us about this channel. This drama has infuriated me. Sarmad and Sara moved away because Sarmad dislikes Paras and she moved back home and now his parents dote after Paras’ daughter. But Kulsum thinks that she has no respect in society and she could not remarry. The very next day Shehnaz’s sister comes and asks Kulsum’s daughter’s hand for her son. Will Kiran get her happy ending?

These dramas had taken a turn for the unbearable and I am officially unable to even attempt to watch these shows. Meanwhile, Waseem has run out of the house and has married Noor Jahan. They forgive and Waseem decides that Kulsum should marry Akmal. Mon to Thu at 6: Claim or contact us about this channel. Founded inKashf aims to alleviate poverty through the provision of financial and non-financial services for low-income households, particularly targeting women.

Junoon Tere Pyaar Ka Episode 88 – 11 November On Hum Tv ~ Watch Online Pakistani Tv Dramas

Posted by Sophia Q at 7: Kulsum grows and gives birth to 3 daughters which makes Waseem angry. The very next day Shehnaz’s sister comes and asks Kulsum’s daughter’s hand for her son.


Written by Fasi Bari Khan. It’s nice to see that Khurram is showing signs of change and that Rabia has some hope towards a happy marriage. I felt nauseated hzlki her antics this week – a car?

Nadeem Saddique Produced by: It was aired on 18 March on the Hum TV. Browsing All Articles Articles. Every Tuesday at 8: One day when Shameem told Kulsum to go to Akmal’s shop for calculation, Waseem shouts at her mother and tells her septfmber she is solding Kulsum towards Akmal and so she is shameless.

How did she afford a car?!

Also pictured are my rejected dramas: All member can check Thailand lottery results list when issue Thai Lottery Results. Masha’Allah, my sister had a healthy baby boy and I’ve been busy helping her this week. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Halki Si Khalish Episode 16 – 14th October 2013

So for your convenience, I’ve ordered the images and the list in order from my personal favorites to my least favorites. I think my brain cells just died. On to episode 19 septe,ber it was eventful, to say the least. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted.

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Inayat offers up his own preteen child, Kulsoom as the bride, asserting that a younger woman can produce heirs much faster than an older woman such as Shehnaz. RS prize bond draw result list on Monday 16th, September Faisal Rehman and Samiya Mumtaz are brilliant actors, but they are being given very feeble dialogues to work with.


Bail is a Pakistani television drama serial directed by Mehreen Jabbar and written by Farhat Ishtiaq. Usman, Zulfiqar Ali Produced By: Directed by Rana Rizwan. Dramas I’m Currently Watching: I’m really interested in seeing where this story takes us!

Wajahat Hussain Produced By: And meanwhile, Araiz just sits back and lets his crazy family get away with it all. Waseem does not earn even a single penny and so their condition becomes from bad to worse because of which Shameem is forced to become a maid. Kkhalish Akmal could not see their condition and helps them secretly.

Posted by Sophia Q at 2: It has been, overall, khalih enjoyable watching experience.

The mystery of Khurram’s mother is stretching a little thin now. I’m still interested, but the question is