Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She is mad, saying he embarrassed her in front of all those people, saving CH instead of her. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. He thinks he is just dropping her off, but his mom tells him to come up. They really just want to help him, but will not stop him if he wants to leave. I really hope Sena gets with Joon-hyuk. Love this drama, easy plot, funny characters-i mean u cant really hate the baddies cuz they r actually hilarious while they r at it!

GW says he knows. Gu Family Book Episode…. Yang advices MS to not trust in the chairman. More Kim Kang-woo “I’m married, why? Kwan Soon boasts that Tae Sung is their biggest asset with his good looks and strength. To say I am the best and that is why you love me? Hyeon-woo is a perfect hotelier who doesn’t allow even the smallest mistake as general manager in the hotel where Soo-nam Shin Hyun-joon is.

Kim Hye Eun Supporting Cast. The thunder and lightning scares Joong Shik so much that he starts running outside and turning off the lights so that livers of them will catch fire. I am actually very disappointed in this show.

Han Jae-suk will be taking on the role of Kim Jung-eun ‘s first love, Hyeon-woo. Min Gu unwraps his sack to reveal a nice piece of luggage. Sign upWhy? Then I got to the part where he turned off all the power and all those ahjummas came after Sora.

Their team is breaking up and with these cracks of mistrust and anxiety, it is only a matter of time before Soo In haeundaw Yang expose themselves as the evil, conniving people they are to the world. But he wanted to keep the agency family together. I usually don’t give a damn about the supporting actors and sometimes i fast-forward their scenes But this little spat is interrupted when all the neighbors come running to their boat with Joong Shik in tow.


The first step is to be engkish member, please click here: Your work can become your life in unexpected ways. JH replies it is. Kim Hye Eun Supporting Cast.

And… I love you.

Episode 5 by TeriYaki. And then, Se Na leaves the bathroom, her dress all cleaned up, and heads back into the wedding hall just in time for the start of the ceremony.

Epislde Choon Hee CH – loves the unsophisticated trot music. Well then… can Tae Sung be that groom? But the prosecutor gets into an accident as he is working undercover and loses his memory. HanCinema’s Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Egnlish movies and dramas! They are arm in arm in one and another is one of them back to back. He goes undercover as a gangster to try to infiltrate the family, get the evidence he needs and bring the criminals to justice.

Haeundae Lovers

Yeah the subtitles are killing english viewer. It’s the first Haeundae Lovers episode Lovdrs watched all the watched all the way through without stopping. In his amnesic state, he mistakenly believes that he is really the gangster he was portraying.

Kwan Soon is shocked over the state of the gifts, and she grabs the luggage. Jo Yeo-jung who’s shown an impressive performance in the currently hit movie “The Concubine” is coming back as the headliner for the drama ” Haeundae Lovers ” which is a romantic comedy about a prosecutor who lost his memory and the daughter of a gangster, based in Busan, I felt really bad for Sora in this episode. About Your work can become your life in unexpected ways.

But what could the prince do, it was only her for him.


CH practices singing and the piano- the guide syb for YM, probably. Min Gu raves about the cuteness of the design and how it can withstand 50 meters underwater. Kwan Soon also breaks down in tears, apologizing for not having said anything sooner. But Sena’s so nice.

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And i’m glad tae sung kicked butt in the first scene, lovrs that’s what i would have wanted. But the prosecutor gets into an accident as he is working undercover and loses his memory.

She wants to even come to the wedding to congratulate her, considering that Sora did save her life after she collapsed earlier. In the scene where she eats food she made with Woo-jin and his friends, she was so realistic and cute, She saw the CCTV recording herself.

Jung Suk Won Main Cast. SI says she is just mad to see CH, the person who made her like this, happy. Tae Sung moans — can he stop thinking about Sora, and just think about himself?! You’re reading the news with potential spoilersmake them spoiler freedismiss. She assures Yoo Mi, the young student from before, that she is happy to, since she llvers received a lot of help. Haeundae Lovers Drama – by kianlee JH asked for dad to protect CH until he comes back.

TS asks what JH will do then. CH looks at her planner.