He notices their awkwardness. Ganga walks past them. Newer Post Older Post Home. Supriya will have the entire cupboard then. She scolds them for being mere spectators. I thought you genuinely loved Sagar. Janvi too steps back upon seeing JP with the astrologer.

She turns to JP who barks at the astrologer. Madhvi says I will do it anyways. Supriya asks Pulkit if he needs something. I wont let anyone cheat their belief. Amma ji says I will show it to my pundit ji. She walks away with her stuff. They are of Janvi only but different. Sagar cannot have a better life partner than you.

There is something fishy. Ganga too corrects him. She recalls their first convo. You will feel at peace. Amma ji calls out for Ganga. We played if you want, smiled, laughed, cried, called me a friend or maid as per your convenience. I will signal you. Your one truth will do something good today.

She threatens him of police. Janvi bribes Yash for a new phone, asking him to help her. I can take the gift you want though. He says I want to tell you something.

JP does not like it when someone calls him a dog.

Now I realise it was just a game of childhood for you, nothing else! Do whatever you wish. Janvi cannot lose, especially not to you. It is clearly visible that they both like each other. Supriya gives it to him. He is not in a good condition.


Gangaa (Hindi) – 19 Jan, | Watch Full Episode Online | ZEE5 in | (Drama)

Their kundli matches perfectly. Yash says Ganga is a Lady James Bond since always. Supriya epizode Pulkit yet again what is bothering him. What will you do now? He notices their awkwardness. Ganga answers if affirmative.

She is saying Janvi has got herself a fake kundli.

There are 2 more men standing in the office. What kind of a girl you are! Ganga can wish whatever she wants but Sagar is only mine!

He looks at it. Ganga makes the guy and his wife leave for hospital in a car. Yash joins them and pays them money for acting. JP goes aside to eat biscuits. We must reach home before Ganga.

Janvi got herself a fake kundli so she can marry Sagar. Janvi too steps back upon seeing JP with the astrologer. She notices a crowd gathered nearby. Ganga tells Madhvi and Prabha everything.

Madhvi comes to call Amma ji. Janvi and Yash see everything from outside. Amma ji says you became Joru Ka Ghulam like your father. She tells everyone the truth. Madhvi says I will do it anyways.


She scolds them for being mere spectators. I dint think you will stoop so low. Newer Post Older Post Home. You are selfish since childhood.

Gangaa (Kannada)

The couple get down the car in a distance. Supriya finds Pulkit fast asleep. He calls him a dog when JP barks at him.

You have no proof to prove me a liar. She is about to put her hand on his head to check his temperature when Amma ji enters. Ganga tells her to be quiet when she does not know anything. She leaves from there. The astrologer is scared of JP. She wipes her tears. Amma ji replies that God has planned things thus.