This will help the teacher on how he or she would deal with students. Have students build arguments, solve problems, and construct new meanings and understandings. Invite students to deliberately articulate the purposes, audiences and language involved in specific situations. Email required Address never made public. For example, a great leader had many setbacks on the past. The students were raising their hands while the teacher was giving out the question in class. Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process. Maria, Macabebe, Pampanga Date:

It flourishes in a situation in which teaching personal meaning of problem events for them. And lastly, there are also questions that tested their affective domains, including giving their insights about the poem and the moral lesson which can be deduces from the poem. The teacher was also enjoying her class. On the English side! This will help the teacher on how he or she would deal with students. Learning is a consequence of experience.

Assessing children in their learning and mixing different kinds of strategies is an edge.

When we say convergent thinking, it is narrowing down from many possible thoughts to end up on a single best thought or an answer to a problem. Just by letting the students to reminisce their past so that they can construct a lesson by their experiences. We observed and reflected on the different approaches employed by the teachers in dealing with the learners in the different stages of development.

Provide practice in the use of academic tools and activities so that students appropriate them overtime.

She used the charts so that the episodd will be able to see clearly the kinds and layers of the soil; the chalk, eraser and blackboard for additional key words and examples for the pupils; and the microphone so that even the students are many inside the classroom they will be able to hear her properly. One student was suddenly asked about a certain formula but came up being quite and left the question unanswered.


This post is based on my field study that I did conduct last three months for the year And also knowing whom students need extra attention will make the class as a whole more progressive. The teacher was also enjoying her class. Cesar Cepocado February 13, at 4: Dull films also are the reason why some subjects become uninteresting.

The learners were raising their hand, cooperatively wanting to solve the problem on their own. For example in giving their example they were asked to describe the beautiful places they have already visited.

Experiencing the Teaching-Learning Process

Learninh, when we say divergent thinking, it includes fluent thinking, flexible thinking, original thinking and collaborative thinking. FS 2 episode This site uses cookies. Unfortunately, many teachers do not spend the time to create effective, measurable lesson objectives before they write their lesson plans.

My Reflections Any lessons learned or insights gained from your observation focused on lesson objectives? Learning should be multi tasking due to changes pace of time. From the procezs it looks, this is the importance of these said principles. My Intended Learning Outcome In this Episode, I must be able to identify classroom practices that apply or violate each of the principles of learning. Read an article on your answer.

Field Study: FS 2 Episode 1

Because she yeaching it at the beginning of her lesson and this lesson objective when shared and possessed by our students will become their personal target. This site uses cookies. Begin with the end of mind. Or did these facts lead to understanding of concepts?


Make use of group activities. The process of problem solving and learning are highly unique and individual.

Seeing the different strategies and approach the teachers are using to suit the different needs of the students.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Are lesson objectives truly experiencnig guiding star in the development of a lesson? Did my Resource Teachers adhere to these principles? How did the non-application of these learning principles affect learning?

Learning is something about learning ones mistake, and the making a correct decision and analysis over something. Make teacging different strategies in teaching, something unique. Engage students in higher thinking Have students combine facts and ideas to synthesize, evaluate, and generalize. Laptop for the presentation of the topic. Learning is knowing something that is beyond ones understanding, and the relationship of this idea to the real life of the students.

So as teachers and students, be patient. I am very welcome to some ideas that you may share on this subject matter. For the learners, skills and abilities are not one day growth; it is a step by step process. It attributes learned behavior modifications to the building of central representations of contingencies between situational stimuli and incentive stimuli; certain situational stimuli are thereby turned into conditioned incentive-discriminative stimuli.