I married Raeger in my file I accidentally saved over, he says some pretty adult things. Then raise his hearts and do his events one-by-one. He then gives a little warning to Fritz to watch his back for a while. The ceramic doll requires 1 Soft Soil and 1 Solid Soil, then fired and glazed. You disagree, and Iris figures that he was actually happy that you were worried about him. He wants to know if Klaus has stopped by. This topic contains spoilers – you can click, tap, or highlight to reveal them. I don’t find him homely at all.

Damn it all, I only have the 1-story house still. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Mistel’s parents die when he was young? Cam was my favorite bachelor in Tale of Two Towns, but since there is only 2 save files I will have to pass on him for this game. I’m shocked people in gamefaq aren’t hating. You become embarrassed, which Mistel takes amusement in, and he wonders what else he can say to get you to blush. Just watching you eat makes him feel as though he’s full himself.

Mistel is impressed ssasons the way aeasons could recognize the more expensive photograph. Unfortunately, that’s not the right one. Mistel says he only tripped and can still walk. Then raise his hearts and do his events one-by-one.

I have Reager at yellow flower and Mistel and Fritz at green, Actually I really like Fritz the more, but I’m looking fr the reversal proposal I think just because he’s not my sdasons Felix was under the impression that Mistrl had broken his leg, so Mistel scolds Marian for exaggerating his condition. They are cuties though, and their dialog is also adorable. I’m happy mitel see his personality. Nadi is a jerk most of the time Reager is a playboy Fritz is homely marian said so Klaus loves to lecture you Kamil I don’t know his flaws if he even has any.

Klaus used to be my top choice but his personality is such a major turnoff: Mistel possessive isn’t even close to being that bad. Give the Ring on a sunny Saturday or Sunday before Mistel apologizes for the incident; he thought he was just taking advantage of a good opportunity.


So I may go for him after I’ve had time to get to know him. Mistel says he forgives you for being so absorbed with your meal, as since it was set in front of you, you’ve been more interested in it than in him. I don’t find him possessive. Don’t have an account? Page 2 of 2. You can buy Flour from the Wheat Country vendor for G each.

I just can’t really see him being creepy. Mistel gets sseasons to give you a kiss, but is interrupted when Fritz and his boisterous voice enters the shop. P You only need the largest one story to get married but you can’t have children until you get the second floor, The sucky thing for me was dunno if this counts as a spoiler but- after you upgrade to the second floor, the bed still stays on the first floor!

He hopes that storj have an interest in antiques, as that will make him happy. I love they 3, I really can decided. He’s the youngest out of the bachelors, right?

You look at the two pictures on the shelf. You feel silly for relying on Felix’s explanation, but you’re glad he is okay. Topic Archived Page 1 of 3 Next Last. Boards Story of Seasons Fifty shades of mistel.

Iris explains that she came as soon as she heard about his serious injury, although Mistel doesn’t appear to be very hurt at all. From what I see he is real sweet after marriage. Forgot your username or password?

Mistel is available to talk to when you move to Oak Tree Town.

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Mistel wants to take a break from cleaning, so he invites you to play a simple game with him. I was a fan girl of him then I saw his archetype doesn’t have to yell and cuss. He’s one of the easier bachelors! You must give Mistel a Ring to see his remaining love events. What he say about your clothes? Nadi just came to town, and he comes off as very serious which is a little unsettling but I know once I get his flower color up that will change.


Not sure if it was a typo but Marian is a guy. He allows you to organize a section, and he comments on how you helping out makes him think that together you’re a married couple. On the top of the shelf are two pictures; which one is the most expensive?

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His favourite gift is the Penne all’Arrabbiata recipe which you can buy pretty early in the game. So maybe he has abandonment issues. Log In Sign Up. Maybe it is fate that you and this picture should be together. You run in and Mistel tells you he is fine; things have just gotten a little out of hand.

I haven’t seen him say anything like that about Fritz but I don’t talk to the villagers nearly as much as I do the bachelors so I might have just missed it. You become embarrassed, which Miatel takes amusement in, and he wonders what else he can say to get you to blush.

He wants to know if Klaus has stopped by. I don’t take offense to anything he says and I like that Xseed let his personality be like that. I was able to marry him around year 2 of the game! He then gives a little warning to Fritz to watch his back for a while.