There can also be ghost writers. There were times when I used to interfere in the dialogue of some serials that I did like Filmi Chakkar. All of us would sit together including the director, cameraman, lightmen etc. He is now set to return with a web series. When they left I told my wife Madhu , they have just described to me what I am in real life! She would say, jiski jaisi body.

I like the way they improvise the situation and sometimes even save it. But the actors seem to be screaming into a vacuum. You wonder where Filmi Chakkar’s Bunty and Chintu ever went. At that time we were not into acting, but we knew each other. Saira Banu’s Kissey Apna Kahen, which takes us into a normal middle class Muslim household with abnormal problems, has turned a corner. Later, she did want to share, but felt embarrassed. I have to perform in front of a camera and it will be as good or better than before.

Initially, I did that kind of comedy when I started out. Interestingly, the little performers from TV are being absorbed into cinema. Author Write something about yourself.

But as I said I sha bored watching the same format after a while. The serial has trickled from Indian shores to Europe and America where it is popular. I did Ramsay films, I was new and it was an experiment, even vulgarity was there. I was not smart enough to add something else to it and found my lines were cut.

Satish Shah feels Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai was the first failure of his TV career

We used to eagerly wait to go on the sets. In films, especially, I get disgusted with the kind of humour that has come up. Subhash K Jha, whose acerbic commentary on Bollywood has enthralled readers for years, will now feature a regular column on indiantelevision. What was it doing on the family-viewing medium at primetime? Parmeet Sethi gave up a wonderfully successful career on TV to focus on films only to return to the boobtube and play second fiddle to Apoorva Agnihotri in Jassi.

All the shows I have done so far have been weeklies. Sarabhai has a huge footprint. Even with a good performance, Deepti Naval seems grossly shortchanged in her comeback TV serial ‘Mukammal’ What a pity to see the grossly shortchanged Deepti Naval’s return to the small screen – after Thoda Sa Aasman on DD where her real life soulmate, the late Vinod Pandit had played her husband and Tanaav on Zee in which she had her own toyboy played by Parvin Dabas – being so majestically mauled.


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After a wait of 20 minutes, Shah walked in looking charismatic with grey hair and moustache. Satish Shah in his three-decade career has raised laughter on TV with his tongue-in-cheek humour, wit and affability. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Today, it is difficult for writers, especially those who write comedy because so much is being churned out. My humour is a little sophisticated The best thing about Sarabhai was all the characters were important — adrak, chakkaf, nimbu milake ganne ka juice gahazab ka hota hai — and all of us gelled well together.

Whatever I got associated with on TV became my responsibility. Prakash and Rukmani became the Sarabhais when they got rich.

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He is perhaps best known for his roles in the ever popular s directed by Kundan Shah and Manjul Sinha where he ended up playing cilmi than 60 different characters in a year. His fiilmi is enough to bring a smile on your face. I took a strong objection to some episodes in Comedy Circus too, but people felt I was being khadoos. It could have easily gone into the zone of buffoonery, but he did it so seriously. I have no complaints against the comedians today, whether it is Kapil or Krushna.

Within minutes we were chatting like friends thanks to his charm and geniality. Among dramas mom followed was Amanat, which is probably where the bigass-family-drama-serial trend began.

He is nothing short of a comic genius. All of us would sit together including the director, cameraman, lightmen etc. Later, she did want to share, but felt embarrassed. If I do dailies, my life will be like a robot.

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Sanjay Chhel scripted Filmi Chakkar. More real and certainly better enacted is the sub-plot about the single mother Pixie Achint Kaurwho wants to remarry the ideal metrosexual man, who cooks and copulates with equal competence.


Ritu Raj plays another such life partner in Kittie Party. When I insisted, he said it was paid by a couple, and that they were waiting outside. Stay tuned for a regular review of programming that peppers the small screen in India: I fully agree with the new censor chief, Anupam Kher when he says films need to be censored specially for television.

And that was one show for which I had compromised on my remuneration, too. I am so happy that I did not accept some films that were offered to me.

He has completed over feature films till date and has slowed down with his assignments to contribute to quality work.

There can also be ghost writers.

When they left I told my wife Madhuthey have just described to me what I am in real life! Every channel, including the homespun Doordarshan, which telecast the almost-new Chori Chori this week, is screening films that are less than a year old. Far from forging its own identity, television has become progressively reliant on its big brother for sustenance.

My performance depends on the reaction of the co-artiste. I like the way they improvise e;isode situation and sometimes even save it.

You wonder where Filmi Chakkar’s Bunty and Chxkkar ever went.

And, the interview continued for more than an hour over cups of coffee. Let me tell you something, we did the serial as a weekly. Here’s what Sonakshi Sinha has to say on Delhi organiser’s allegations of Rs 37 lakh ‘fraud’ – Suah full statement. Written By Chaya Unnikrishnan. At this stage I want to relish the fame and adulation. She would say, jiski jaisi body.

We meet the year-old actor to find out why he has been missing in action on TV that is in dire need of some clean-hearted, pure humour that he specialised in on the small-screen.