Bapugram Chakhodia , P. Bangali Parha, , P. Wc flit from room to room: Mr Dyer says his list of clients is strictly confidential. Foundation Dr. Ambedkar Charitable Trust 47 E. Dr Alois Mock, leader of the conservative People’s Party in Austria, has called for the resignation of Defence Minister Friedheim Frischenslsger, and tabled a no confidence motion for debate in parliament today, after the welcome the minister gave to Walter Reder, the former SS officer and war criminal, on his return from an Italian jail.

School For The Deaf St. The jobless total went up by ,, including school leavers, between December and January. Penalties for directors THE House of Lords has recently been winning a reputa- tion for championing sensible causes. Technological revolution is producing farming equivalents of the micro-chip — artificial feedstuffS which stimulate a cow to four or five times the milk production of a generation ago, fertilisers which make hitherto marginal land a veritable Gar- den of Eden for arable farming and new techniques which are transforming efficiencies. Xavier’s Educational Society St. Stainialus High School St. Ways to audit factory safety IMI lor building products, heat exchange, drinks dispense, fluid power, special-purpose valves, general engineering, refined and wrought metals.

The exhibition follows Degas’s principle that preparatory drawings should be snows with tbe finished work. And if this is a comparatively trivial example of VANS in action, it is only the tip of a very serious iceberg. Antony’s Trust Manalikaria, K. John’s Regional Seminary Society St.

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For example, Istel, the computer licence issue has still to he settled the UK emerged late last year when British Telecom- and IBM announced joint plans to operate a value added network to which access could only be gained through Systems Net work Architecture SNA. Another Delaware court bas to decide whether the S55 per share price was loo low and if so the directors will be forced to make up the difference.

The jobless total went up by , including school leavers, between December and January. It is not clear what work the year-old Reder.

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The 40 works in chide all his at- tempts nadina scrap since And to give their market they are susceptible only to toe market forces of adver- poblishers some real response, why not post them back whence Usin g.


Singh Marg, Mahisouri, Jamui,Bihar.

This helps keep editorial costs to toe mimimiTn stopped mincing onr words about the frees? It features the satellite which Mexico plans to put up in May which will be named Morelos, after the 19th century revolu- tionary who rebelled against Spanish rule in Mexico.

Mr Larry Speakes, the White House spokesman, said the decline in the index “does not cause us any concern at ah because we know the economy remains exceptionally strong. Co-founder of toe Hull com- pany, which started a year ago, is Dr Philip Bennett. Umashankar Joshi Marg, Edar, Dist. In case the aforesaid returns have not been filed, the associations are advised to submit justification immediately as to why their registration under FCRA, should not be cancelled for non-filing of return within the stipulated time period under Section 14 1 d of FCRA, for violating Section 18 thereof and Rule 17 1 of FCRR The company had held extensive dis- cussions with many operators in the UB.

In case, the aforesaid returns have been filed by the associations whose names appear in the Annexure, copies of the said returns along with proof of their submission may immediately be furnished to this Ministry.

No doubt into a virtue by claiming that fuvejtisers find some response they were giving toe editorial J? The PAN nonetheless is a basically urban party, and the PRI has the machinery and sup- port to revive its flagging rural vote.

Tbe show is designed as an encounter between the late crea- tions of patriarchs like Matisse, Pi- casso and Braque and works by the outstanding representatives of sub- sequent generations De Kooning.

Such associations which did not receive foreign contribution during a particular year are also required to furnish a NIL return for that financial year within the aforesaid period.

But tbe DGTs predicament has found an echo in right-wing opposition parties, which favour loosening state control over industry. Nava Rampur, Via Vilodha, Dist. ECGD officials argue that the department has never been hit by a country debt repudiation and that to anticipate one would only encourage defaults. And many of the plants built by us have been the first of their kind, requiring extensive engineering innovation. Marsh in Rome writes. Kancherla Punnamma Charitable Trust Smt.


The broad objective of en- couraging directors, particularly of small private companies, to take earlier and more positive action to prevent financial col- lapse is fully justified. The Dow Jones tor dustrial average dosed Lll down at 1, With those steps, the Bundes- bank is aiming to establish a range of between 55 and 6 per cent in which it can intervene flexibly and with less fanfare than through a Lombard rate adjustment The Bundesbank has been anx- ious to refine its money market techniques, with an eye to the effect on the strong dollar, but has been anxious to avoid curbing economic recovery through a big interest-rate rise.

For example, our new T-PJan contract was one ofthe first offthe stocks to hejpeaxiy leavers with frozen pensions to protect.

The decision this week by the UK clearing banks to go ahead with plans for electronic cash- less shopping using a telecom- munications network which will exploit the power of VANS, is further evidence that this new class of information service has profound implications for business, now and in the future. The survey Is seen as a vital step towards identifying toe serious emr ploymeut problems faced by minor -: In the Treasury’s eyes, interna- tional attempts to cap the dollar no doubt look like 9anaz defence of ster- ling by another name.

Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh. The market’s board of directors said there was insufficient support from member companies to keep the exchange going and it was therefore taking the necessary steps for on early closure of the market A meeting of loan-stock holders will be called to approve formally the decision to dose.