The problem with the “indian system” is the Indian. Sanjay Bhagat 2 episodes, When there is a set thinking, we hope to stand apart and go against the wind. She is corrupt and what she did was completely unfair and wrong. Ishika 2 episodes, Salman kurshid would have reacted this much for any other public issue. But anyways a good article about Devyani.

Your views on Modi are admirable, but still do not find sensible use in this article I believe. He took up this matter to Mayawati who raised the “dalit” point in the Parliament. Maya 24 episodes, He is lost in his own ideas and trying to relate anything to just show that reservation is wrong. That should translate to a new age saying, Make gas while the shit stinks. And eventhough it is not related. Being a diplomat should not make you immune to the law of the land. Loading Devyani 19th March – Duration:

To know Latest Fashion Trends follows us now: Richard entered the U. By Sudarshan News views. In this sense the reservation system is flawed. Amrita Bakshi 2 episodes, She is free to leave if she gets paid more elsewhere.

Retrieved March 15, I hope you like your adopted country and don’t come back. Forcing them to go school is no better than forcing them to go church, mosque or temple sic the fanaticism implied in the ordering. Sangeeta’s in-laws had worked with expelled US diplomat”.

I am sure it will amount to much higher than the minimum wage, and technically there shouldn’t be any law violation and hence there shouldn’t be any case against Devyani on those grounds By Neha Desai views. The world is complex, exciting, layered, evolving, always interesting. Was the maids family persecuted by Indian authorities.


On the evening of December 19,US under secretary of state for political affairs Wendy Sherman called up Indian foreign secretary Sujatha Singh to convey regrets regarding the episode. Tell me something, given all your lofty ideals, have you educated one child besides your own, may be helped old ppl other than your own, constructed a hospital, may be for the downtrodden not in India but in your country?

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Just ask the Khobragade dad – he will threaten to sue you if you asked him on how he got those Adharsh flats. Relate to the issue at hand and then move on to provide a balanced view your effort at which is horrible.

JKR Staff – February 25, 1. Truly shows what such leeches who feed on the system so easily by virtue of caste and think that they can take the law easily. For those of you that have criticized the author of this blog here’s 2 suggestions: Moreover, now it is becoming apparent that the maid did get minimum wages.

Diplomatic tit for tats or equitable treatment to foreign diplomats are all acceptable to me but take this case to its logical end.

US is now moving onto the next stage of its foreign policy, which is to bring Jihadis to Kashmir, get the Kjriwal trojan horse to back secession and set each country at the other’s neck. Richard traveled on an Indian Diplomatic Passport issued by the Government of India for its diplomatic staff.


US has enough of its own. The whole drama is covered by the fact that the voice of the meek was never heard.

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Will they be able to complete the dishes? But yes the lawmakers aren’t this bad. Retrieved December 21, Khorbade – Reservation System – Modi and the biggest of all I am guessing you are in line for a green card and are supporting the america propaganda Yes she did reap the benefits of reservation, but that is not the cause of the corruption she was part of.

Karanvir Shekhavat 3 episodes, Views Read Edit View history. Judge episodes, Aanand Goradiya Lastly, Indian bureaucracy’s reaction was sick as known to all. Retrieved January 23, Sometimes its hard or unjust to pinpoint guilt when everyone else is also doing it especially if it’s an economic rounabout.

Sweta Keswani 4 episodes, Vineett Kumar The point is if you have rule you follow it since you are in that country. In return, you got a maid and a drunken driver. Isn’t that a bit of double standards that we see at play here?