You can walk through the entire downtown in a few hours, or spend months exploring every twist and turn. Would love to connect with you for a cup of coffee. Merchandise includes unique postcards, t-shirts, prints, buttons, and posters done through various mediums like photography, painting, and illustration. See When you tire of the crowds in the city center, stroll along the central, tree-lined pathway of the Antigone to take in the modern architecture a scandal in its inception for long-term residents and the series of large fountains, arches, and Greek-Roman statues that reside in this meter pedestrian promenade that leads all the way to the River Lez. There is an IRC Channel for talk in live. Disagreement, differences of opinion and heated discussion are welcome, but comments that do not seek to have a mature and constructive dialogue will not be published. Thanks for this wonderful view of how she has changed.

Enjoy a pizza most served with an egg on top! Today she graciously shares some of her many finds in her new home. These internships give participants specific duties and responsibilities in a business environment. Foreign currency EUR per foreign unit Buy. To support Wikimania Montpellier on Facebook. Wikimania candidate cities: See Terms of Use for details. Thank you for the lovely guide!

You can also find local wine with free tastings!

This is a really well written article. Neither the French-American Center nor its French representatives can be held responsible for losses, damages, accidents or expenses incurred by the participant before, during, or after the “Internship France” program.

You can also stock up on the necessary accompaniments like honey, nuts, dried fruits, jams, and crackers. The Google Map link is especially awesome!


And I just omntpellier to show it off. With drums serving as tables and over 60 different flavors of infused rum available, like Rhubarb-Caramel and Coconut-Ginger, this hotspot gets extremely crowded as locals party into the wee hours of the night. Wikimania candidate cities: Your ambiance includes giant ferns and mismatched furniture, vaulted ceilings with open umbrellas and hammocks hanging from the eaves, glowing Buddha statues, and black lights.

How does a French organization select an “intern”? Namespaces Content page Discussion. Professional skills and experience are a plus.

Internship in France – The French-American Center

Montpelier wrote an excellent piece that is wonderfully descriptive! Our goal is to create a safe space where everyone commenters, subjects of posts and moderators feels comfortable to speak.

New housing developments and retail complexes are being built, and a large center of recreation and culture is under construction. Natalie — I stumbled upon your wonderful and inviting description of Montpellier completely by accident.

How does the French-American Center’s “Internship” Service work?

If you feel that you may not be ready to work and live in France, please ask our U. There is an IRC Channel for talk in live. Montpellier is no village by the sea; it is a thriving, growing city that is finally starting to receive the recognition it deserves. Will cityvo traveling to Montpellier from San Francisco in June. Accommodations, meals and pocket money are the responsibility of each intern. There are citgvox Les Rochers de Maguelonewhere there are “17 adventure montprllier, including a breathtaking m zip wire, as well as 20 fun and educational games”.


Was there for a couples hours inwhile on the train layover from Paris to Barcelona. Thanks for a fun trip down memory lane. There are three mobile operators in France: Construction of the Antigone neighborhood, just outside the historic city center, was the first step in a major expansion project for the city of Montpellier.

Competition for internship positions is intense. Montpellier is the 8th city in France [1].

TV Sud Provence

A place with pleasent weather and awsome for staying as long as u want your vacations to extend for the leisure. I have picked up few words but it is very difficult, if you have any suggestions for arts and crafts classes with instruction in English that would be nice.

Though the restaurant is deceptively large inside, the coveted spots in the summertime are the streetside tables, away from the hot, woodfired oven.

Montpellier is my favorite part of France. Now the questions remain, will Natalie ever return to her beloved San Francisco and where will she go next? All they serve now, explained the still-aloof waitstaff, is plates of charcuterie. We will drive again to get to Aix, Sete, Arles, and maybe Carcassonne.