Manufacturer of multi-sensor systems for technical inspections and scientific surveys with small aerial drones. Since Morettino is an artisanal slow coffee produced through an eco-friendly and eco-sustainable process, which enhances all the natural organoleptic potentials of our pure coffee. Our Department studies the chemical components of food, with particular attention to Sicilian food. The distinctive skills of CyclopusCAD are the result of decades of experience in different sectors of the founding members of the group, made up of physicists, engineers and doctors. When I was just a child the game I loved the most was designing and creating clothing for my dolls. Italian company located in Sicily.

Necs ltd has been active in the area with a well-defined mission, offering innovative solutions based on the needs of business communication and on the business management or home automation. Our facility is open for visit, and we will be glad to offer you a guide and Tarucco has belonged to The uniqueness of Brontedolci is the passion for work, care for the production and use of quality ingredients. In the industrial area close to the port of Milazzo it has been planned a dock for the handling of bulk goods and in particular of the steel products. The new distillation plant, using avant-garde technology, has allowed them to indipendently produce, fully respecting the environment and with notable energy saving, spirits of great virtue and very high quality which The mission of our structure is to fully meet the client based on the specific needs of the latter through the analysis, design civil, military and industrial , implementation and post-sales support.

Our strengths are the quality of the fabrics we usethe realization by handand customized service for customers with special needs. Of high quality ‘, awarded by the The Farm Pignataro, situated on a plateau meters above sea level, extends over the hills of Monti Iblei on a position that enjoys a microclimate ideal parttinico the ripening of fragrant and selected fruit.

The town of Modica, where Moak was founded, was part of the greatest civilizations during its thousand-year old history: L’imbottigliamento E effettuato con un Macchinario Che compie Tutte le operazioni dal riempimento alla bottiglia pronta alla vendita.

Found on knowledge and commitment to quality of service, we have become an experienced Tour Operator providing all ground handling and full incoming services for individuals and groups in Sicily. The Made in Italy is increasingly synonymous of refinement. Due to its long experience in the citrus processing industry, Agrumi-Gel processes oranges, lemons and mandarins produced exclusively in Sicily, as well as the well-known pw and grapefruits from Calabria.

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A goal that owes its merits not only to the cibema of the source of the fish,carefully selected and exclusively ppa Mediterranean origin,but also to the type of fish processing itself,which still takes place according to the old traditional method that ensure a very high quality and La nostra storia inizia nel con la produzione di pane e biscotti. Gruppo di ricerca coordinato dal prof. Born and raised in Aspra, a fishing village where whole economics is concentrated on the fish processing, from which are born the greatest experts of salting for Produced in Carini Palermo;a state of the art technology and authorized by the European Union, they specialize in the production of packaged ice cream offering a variety of handmade products for families and merchants.


Bottarga salted roe Suppizzata tuna sausage and Mosciame cured tuna filletthe classical specialities of the Sicilian seaside cuisineoriginate from an ancient food -preserving tradition which has reached this day and age thanks to the historical tuna fisching She use a wide variety of hides and leatherfabrics and eco-leatherembellished with ceramic insertswood, glassIn order to increase the possibilities of technology transfer from basic research to the clinic, IOM-R is strongly dedicated to research transfer.

Deeply tied to the land and life in the country side, we grow datterini tomatoes, radish,pumpkins and transform ready-made datterini sauce. It provides to its customers, added value produts such as i Internet Access wireless, wired, satellite, etc.

Manfredi Barbera & Figli s.p.a.

The main items are: We have three show room for detail and a warehouse of Antico Frantoio is a sicilian company that produces extra virgin olive oil and wine. During its activity the company specialized in the organization of incoming Our company has the field experience of over 50 years. La mia azienda produce gioielli rigorosamente fatti a mano ed in Sicilia. The company Centro Resins G.

There are the plants for the production of concentrated musts and grape juices, an activity predominated in the 80’s and after, plants and machinery for the transformation of grapes, the wine making and bottling.

The open dialogue with such a network of contractors, deeply established in the Italian fashion industry, allowed MAD to both enrich intellectual capital very quickly and raise its profile among cnema key players of the industry.

Over the years, the business has grown thanks to expensive research on the food industry and the innovative spirit wich quickly led it to expand its lines to include products with pistachio, almonds and hazelnuts, with the aim of keeping traditions alive. Over twenty years have exce,sior dedicated to studying the land that surrounds their home on Mount Etna.

It also produces equipment suitable for specific aims, supplying manuals for an easier use. The company PietraCava located in the district Butera Chiarchiaro in the territory of Caltanissetta, lies on the left bank of the river Comunelli, on a hill with respect to the latter, in an agricultural context in which the morphology of the terrain and weather conditions Not only known for its top quality output, it is acknowledged for the unmatched flavor and aroma of its products.

Tradition and innovation are combined simultaneously: Partinick company produces typical Sicilian pastry.

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Many of the recipes we use include some little family secrets which help us to obtain those special tastes and flavours which our frequent customer so much appreciate. The solution consists of a platform able to improve the social interactions and cognitive skills of children; with particular reference to those suffering from the pq syndrome with verbal ability, partinido also non-verbal social interactive approach with learning difficulties through the use of new technologies.


Escooh is an innovative startup which create design kitchens, produced with natural materials and natural wood. Our final goal is creating products which tell a story about passion, commitment, responsibility, quality, health, territory and beauty.

After a careful observation, over the last few years, of a society, economy and craft that is increasingly in crisis, comes the vision and desire to create something useful and forward looking for the community that originates from the roots and traditions of Italian creativity and old craftshops.

Onorato Ltd is a company which comes from its founders thirty years of experience. Highly specialized in thermal insulation systems, waterproofing systems, tiles adhesives. Vases enlightened, the most important innovation in recent years: Following the introduction of new legislation on the Pleasure Boating operational management of yacht moorings, which has achieved a high degree of complexity, it is often required the presence of capable professionals who can effectively support the Shipowners in various activities: Frantoi Cutrera is a family farm producing high quality and niche olive oil andonly with Sicilian olives, especially from south-eastern Sicily.

Roasting, blending and grinding techniques are the result of more then 80 years of experience. The agricultural knowledge, memories and traditions of our community, taught by our fathers, together with new farming techniques, allow us to offer a high quality product which maintains the taste and the fragrance of the fruit of our land. Our enterprise provides total facility solutions, more precisely we are an EPC Contractor company working in the renewable energy field.

Its capacity to distinguish and adapt own offer of services to market demand and needs of enterprises permits it a solid market placement, developing a great management capacity of complex initiatives. Pushed by the love for their earth, they decide to devote themselves to the care of many olives trees present in Buccheri and that by now the elderly owners were abandoning. The factory produce the following products: The solid cooperation and participation in the confederation of industries has provided a significant network of local enterprises, small and medium-sized in particular.

An idea with legs, is an idea embodied in the hidden potential of a business, that exists either in the private or in the public sector.

Being totally innovative, the turbine was patented at both the Italian and the international level. We give shape to designers ideas, involving small manifactufacturing sicilian enterprises. All of that thank to an expert team with an high professional profile regarding tecnichal and transversal competences. Si tratta di pannelli in vetromattone installati sulle facciate e sulle coperture degli edifici, che forniscono isolamento e usano celle solari di terza generazione per generare energia.

Following a project brief our skilled craftsmen are able to combine high quality solid wood with any other material specified by clients: