Programs currently broadcast by Colors. Ranveer hires Puru to carry the job, ordering him to kill Kabir while he is in his clown costume. She tries to convince Kabir that she is Aditi, but he refuses to believe her. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She even tries to get rid of Ginni, by sending her to a mental asylum, branding the child as psychologically ill. Her soul ascends to Heaven. Kabir asks Neha to pretend as Aditi, his late wife, in front of his family.

Kabir and Aditi reunite. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. It is revealed that Aditi had accidentally worn the magic charm, which made Ginni unaware of fatal danger that had lurked behind Aditi. Kabir video-tapes it and gives it to the police as evidence. Unfortunately, Maai senses Aditi’s presence, and tries to eliminate her soul. He also injures Kabir in one such try. Chhal — Sheh Aur Maat English: Kabir and Aditi adopt Gitanjali Ginni , after saving her from her drunkard father, Puru.

All Shows of Colors tv. Aditi gives Ija an open challenge that she will reveal the so-called Sarkar’s real face to every one. Maai formulates a magic charm which Ija is supposed to make him wear, as the charm is specialised in making Ginni not to predict the person’s future who wears it.

She succeeds in completing all the seven vows. Puru is again hired by Ranveer and Ija to whisk Ginni away forever with him. They had posed as an ordinary couple which made Kabir believed in and did what Aditi expected. Full Cast and Crew. When Aditi removes her clown mask, a shellshocked Ija drags Aditi to her room, where she rejoices that she has triumphed one of her hurdles in her goal of killing Kabir. Want to Make a Cult Classic? Watch now on “UnMade”. He tells the truth to Kabir that his intention was to always harm Aditi, but she had taken it to her stride, also giving half of her property to his daughters.


Aditi gives it to him. She even tries to get rid of Ginni, by sending her to a mental asylum, branding the child as psychologically ill. Aditi then starts planning how she would destroy Kabir, as she suspects he had married her only for her wealth.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Rishi is kidnapped and Kabir claims that he is her husband. Everything aurr perfect in their marriage until one morning, when she wakes up, not with Rishi, but Kabir, who claims to be her husband, but is a complete stranger. Kabir explains that she is a look like of Aditi, so he can pose her as Fll. After many attempts to convince Kabir that Ginni can hear Aditi’s soul, the mother-daughter duo succeed, as Ginni tells Kabir whole story of Neha And Rishi, which the little girl didn’t know at all in the first place.

Kabir Jaiswal Abhishek Malik See what’s trending now.

Avinesh Rekhi aka Kabir from Chhal Sheh Aur Maat INSPIRED by SHAHRUKH KHAN

While Aditi’s final rites are being performed, the heavens open and pull up Aditi. The show was turned as a family drama after the first 50 episodes. He promises her that Ija also would be caught soon.


Ija then plans gull Ranveer to kill Kabir in a house birthday party of the couple’s “adopted daughter”, to avenge death of her son Abhinav. Start your free trial. She teams up with Ija to kill Kabir. She pleads tearfully to Mata Rani Goddess Durga that she had vowed to reveal Ija’s true identity for the well-being of Kabir and Ginni.

This made Kabir’s widowed father marry Vasundhara. Add the first question. She resolves into completing the 7 vows of the Au Marriage, failing which she promises to leave Kabir forever.

Avinesh Rekhi aka Kabir from Chhal Sheh Aur Maat INSPIRED by SHAHRUKH KHAN – video dailymotion

All the predictions come true. She plans to force him into admitting that he is the one who killed Aditi. But the charm backfires, as Aditi and Ginni stealthily steal the charm and hands it over to Mata Rani, who backfires the charm on Ija. A living evidence proves that Vasundhara Jaiswal is fhll Kabir’s real mother.

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Her focus goes on rescuing Rishi rather than moving forward with her plan. Epizode is now made to turn against Maai by Aditi’s spirit. Their plan however faces a glitch when Kabir and Karan kidnap Rishi, and Aditi hadn’t expected it. Kabir and Aditi reunite.