I have the Gulfmaster and I had planned to use it as a dive watch because of the built in compass. Large wrists, extreme environments. I am curious whether there are any differences between models designated for specific regions. Classic large case, straightforward design, high-visibility analog hands CONS: Like you, I want pure functionality, and all items on the watch face should have some purpose. Scott August 17,

Once again thanks for your website. Mohit Suryawanshi February 18, Hi, I am considering purchasing either the gw rangeman or the new gprb I like all features on it. Really appreciate your effort and time to answer my questions in timely manner. Classic large case, straightforward design, high-visibility analog hands CONS: G-Central January 10,

Factor41 January 17, I owned a lot of Gshocks but at the moment i only have tour number 1.

Casio G-shock GW9010 Mudman Digital Solar Atomic Rally Men’s Watch

For the ultimate tribute to the original G-Shock, consider the GWJFa modernized Japan-only screw-back model gs-9010 superior build quality. G-Central August 30, G-Central August 10, No box or manual but I can email the pdf version of the casio manual that is much easier to read than the tiny printed version.

Regarding the new Frogman, what are the main differences between the new depth sensor model, and the old school model? Or would you happen to have other suggestions for a black and gold watch? Good choice if you want a large digital watch.

Thanks casil the information and I went through your website yesterday and really liked it your website. Bob March 15, Wqtch about the Mudman G- ?


It cant be the price, stockists seem happy enough to stock the MTG models etc. I would suggest GW and from the gw–9010 10 list: Emerson November 28, Would the Japanese import possibly go up in value? Band has muddman buckle clasp. It is one of the smaller G-Shocks. Your email address will not be published.

The Rangeman and Gulfmaster offer similar features and better value, but the Mudmaster offers an extremely confident look as it embodies the best elements of G-Shock design and takes the analog style to a new level of toughness. Vinay January 9, Merdoc September 5, Thank you for visiting.

Like New Casio G-Shock GW MUDMAN Watch Multiband 6 Atomic Tough Solar – RC Groups

G-Central October 20, The G is a large-case model but is the smallest G-Shock watch with a compass sensor. It is one of the cheapest G-Shock watches available but is just as tough as more expensive models. Make sure the watch is exposed to light as much as possible. I first preffer GA, but G is also ok.

If you buy a negative display G-shock for the first time, you will likely want to immediately return it; however, if you can get over your initial reaction, the watch will start to grow on you. The electricity generated by the solar cell of the watch is stored by a built-in battery.

Though flashier models have taken the spotlight recently, the G Mudman remains a solid performer that offers excellent value.

A Review of Casio G-Shock Mudman Tough Solar Watch G-9010-1DR

G-Central September 8, Large wrists, extreme environments. Hiking, trekking, travel, military G on Amazon G on eBay 9. Keep up the good work re the site. I will be inside all day so will the solar be reliable? They are both solar-powered, have a bright EL backlight, and excellent water resistance.


Is there a battery in it too and should I stop worrying about not being able to get it bathed in sunlight? This site helped me a lot to understand the G Shock, thank you for the great work. G-Central July 29, Scott August 17, Hey guys which g-shock watch has the most features and a good design, alternatively the best in these two specifications.

Are there any series solar atomic watches that may go up in value? Nov 05, Wells February 10, G-Central December 10, A very cool looking beefy watch. Mudman and Rangeman would be good because they also have a digital compass. I to have a gshock.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Which g shock is best for outdoor? Thanks for all the effort you put into this site and your videos — they are truly the best! Personally I think it is okay to watchh it as long as the seals are in good shape. Give me your opinion… I am big guy.