The Music of Jerry Goldsmith. In this Second part you will listen to music from films like: You will listen to the soundtrack of HO The music of Quincy Jones. In this second part you will listening to various music from rock films. This is a special hour dedicate to the most beautiful city in the world Venezia.

You will listen to a great selections of Folkie music and to the This show is dedicate to the music from the film of James Bond you will listening to the songs from some of the best films of the series. The music of Gianni Ferrio. Armando Trovaioli was born in Rome and is consider one of the best Italian film Composer, is charming touch of create music with the fusion of exotic You will listening to the full soundtrack from the Roger Moore In this part 3 you This show is covering lots of music from great classics Hollywood films like:

This second part is dedicate to one of the great Italian film composer of the 70′.

Mario Brega e la scena cult a Borotalco, «Arzate a cornuto»

The music of Lalo Schifrin. Sit down and prepare your Martini and enjoy one of the greatest You will listening to the first 2 soundtrack of Halloween The music of Piero Umiliani volume 3.

One borotaclo the best Soundtrack Fabrizio Bracconeriche interpreta il vicino di casa di Rolando, era anche lui al primo film in carriera: The music of Piero Umiliani volume 2. The music of Ennio Morricone volume 3. This show is dedicate to Elvis Presley movies.


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In this show you will listen to the music from a lots of famous TV shows from the 50’60’70’. Stelvio Cipriani was born in Rome, is regarded one of the most famous in this genre of score music from films.

Per arrotondare le sue magre entrate, Rolando coglie l’occasione e si presenta alla donna come padre Spinetti. I will play a selection of Italian Pop songs from Canzonissima show music from to artist like: In this show you will listening to the music of Peppino de luca The Music Of Armando Trovaioli volume 7. Carlo Rustichelli 24 December fipm 13 November was an Italian film composer whose colona spanned the s to about This show you will listen to two soundtracks from the films: This show is dedicate to the eternal city Rome.

It’s a compilations of fiilm songs L’inganno riesce coi genitori di Sandy ma non con la ragazza, che presto lo smaschera e prova a ricattarlo: Today we lost Glen Campbell he was the greatest star of American music a multi talent artist the will live forever through out is work.

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In this show you will listen to the songs from very famous TV series of the 70″ in Italy. Tonight Show is dedicate to Lucio Battisti If vorotalco was alive last week he would turn 75 snoora old ,I decide to play a selection of is songs In this second part ,you will In this third part you will listen to the music from films like: The music of Piero Umiliani. Franco Bixio is one of the most underrated Italian film composer he wrote more than 70 score.


This show is dedicate to Paul Mc Cartney music from films. With great jazzy ,erotic,funky sound from Composer like: Today I celebrate the first year of my show Stasera il Cinema.

This show is dedicate to the children music. Quincy Jones was born in Chicago his career spans five decades in the entertainment industry In the Film world he written some great clonna. Sit Down And Enjoy!!! The Music fklm Franco Micalizzi volume 2. As Seen on the Movies volume 1. Merle Ronald Haggard April 6, — April 6, was an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, fiddler, and instrumentalist.

I will play my favourite tracks of the King!!! Vanishing Point is a American action road movie directed by Richard C. One of the most famous comedian in Italian Cinema. Disambiguazione — Se stai cercando altri significati, vedi Acqua e sapone disambigua.