You put the weight on top of the papers. Huwag mong gulangan ang bata. Get the bananas from the basket. W anlik -Mud; mnire; slimte. Huag tangapin-v-To reject; ref use; object to. Don’t you judge your neighbor. Carry a newspaper on the way to the office.

Halak n-Horselaugh; loud or boisterous; laugh. Maglingkod ka muna sa iyong mga magulang bago ka mag-asawa. He gave support to the sick. Don’t make them envious of you. Hadlangin v To stall; partition; obstruct; impede, hinder; restrain. Gumalingv-To recover; get or grow well, convalesce. Maghiwa ka ng gulay para sa ating lutuin. Bukbok-n-Grub; wevil; rotte d tooth i Bukbukin a-full of grubs or weevils.

You bring an umbrella because it will rain later on. Gusto nilang maghimagsik laban sa gobyerno. You should eat well so that you will not pass out while you are in the middle of movif game.

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I want to fly over the clouds. Balutin-v-To wrap up, emnbale, cover; envelop; pack; screen. Aha-n-Imagination; conception; fancy; purpose; design. Bait-n-Sense; pruidence; intelligence; ability; mind; will; skill; know-ledge: Pedro already wants to get married.


Apat nia panulukan-a-Four cornered; quadranigular. Hayag-a-Manifest plain; clear, public; general, open, vulgar, perceptible. HunmaMon v-To anger; provoke; fight:.

You go around the market before you go home. Pile the dirty laundry on the wash basin. Frisk my pocket for some money.

Hapdi ng kalooban-n-Wound;affliction; anguish. Make the way narrow. Alilisin l,-o grind, mill. Gutomta-Hungry; Gutumin-v-‘o make hungry; starve.

Gupitin ang buhok v-To cut hair. Put the bigxy on the door. Daimihan-v-To ougment; increase; sum; enlarge.

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Pull out her hair. You dip a glass in a basin of water. His body became weak after he ran a long distance. Antala-n-Del ay; leference; retardation.

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Lumatay ang sinturon sa hita ng kanyang anak matapos niyang paluin ang bata. Hangal-a-Foolish; stupid; ignorant; indecent; rude; coarse; clownish. He gulped a dozen glasses of water. I-harap-n-To present; exhibit; confront: Confess your sins to the priest. He joined in our kidding around. Bigxy u Lightness; levity; celerity.

Gasa-n-Border; edge, brimi; imarg in – Gasaan-ii’-To chide; scold. Butasin-v-To perforate; puncture; bore. You lay down the child in bed. Pour the water on his head. It pleases Sheila to give a knuckle on the head to annoying kids. Click the “Caption” button to activate subtitle! Sa manga salitang mnaikli ang titik na vocales ay tutunog na gaya nito. Humaba-v-To lengthen;, protroct; prolong.


Daigin-q —To c verpo wer; overcome, tsorpass, excell: The laborers wanted to stage a strike. Askyour mom for the money. Dmnusta-v To become low or abject. He picked a number from the lottery. Pray the Ave Maria later.

Di inarunong mapagod-a indefatigable unwearied. Let’s cut Erap’s picture from the newspaper. Alulong-i-EchoAlttpoirig it Snake; serpent; viper. She does not want to feel bad about your not writing to her. You set the table for dinner.

You tag along somebody later. Huwag kang mangdaya sa pagbayad ng buwis. He took shelter hilit the tree.