A young man from the countryside rescues his lady friend from a difficult situation and exacts vengeance upon those who have caused it Alamat ng Lawin Directed by: Directed by Efren Reyes. When he raises the dagger to the sky, it magically grows into a sword. Will he able to resolve everything even if he is an ex-policeman? Ang Panday [The Blacksmith]. A star-studded film featuring a blind orphan named Angelita Julie Vega who was found unconcious by the groups of nuns after Belen Gloria Sevilla attempted to kill her by letting her walk straight ahead on the edge of the cliff. Kung minsan gumagawa ng himala ang Panginoong Diyos upang patunayan sa tao na siya pa rin ang nag-papagalaw sa mundong ito. Even though our Darling Julie has been dead for 6 years at that time, Da King’s character Berting made an homage to Julie as he visited her daughter Angela’s grave during the early parts of the sequel.

Philippine Headline News Online. Retrieved January 16, Panday is a blacksmith whose real name is Flavio. Vicky was spoiled brat who running away from her rich father who forced her married to another man whom she didn’t loved, they accidently met in fosert when Roman fixed the truck but Roman belives she was an orphan follow their misadventures Cast: Manila Standard News, Inc. A family man haunted by his past life tries his best to leave it all behind but after all these years, it catches up to him and with nowhere to go, he fights back to survive.

Gabi ng Lagim Cameo role [Fright Night]. A gang of three boys and girls come in for an unexpected sojourn to a strange baats, zapped by some mysterious force where they come face to face with an adventure of a lifetime.

But he holds a dark secret no one, not even his daughter, knows about. Kahit Konting Pagtingin Synopsis: In order to support his family, he dropped out of school. While he’s still alive, he left Alfredo precious batass worth million of pesos. He is an effective leader and is respected. In ea, Poe’s political opponents tried to derail his bid for the Philippine presidency when they sought to disqualify him as an illegitimate son of a non-Filipino mother.


A soldier turned fisherman, Mario faces the consequences of his violent past as he struggles to avenge his wife and children. Kapag Buhay ang Inutang. Election date May 10, Cast Fernando Poe Jr. Directed by Pablo Bayas.

The only choice they have is for them kids to hook up with Lawin for the final battle for neverland. Beside his property is the vast land of Don Florentino and his son Lamberto.

Action, Comedy, Drama Actors: This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Lutong Makaw [Macau Dish].

Filming & Production

Gomez and Manny R. He also directed nine movies, under the pseudonym Ronwaldo Reyes. Will he able to resolve everything even if he is an ex-policeman? Taong Lawin Ang Probinsyano Synopsis: Views Read Edit View history.

Directed by Ben Yalung. Retrieved July 27, Romulo Francisco Arcellana N. FPJ is Pilo, a mild-mannered bodyguard whose only daughter considers every single woman she knows as a prospective new mother. Reyes’ character proves a natural at the sport, and the two work their way to the national championships, where it’s a do-or-die faceoff with some of the country’s best players.

Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City in the evening of December 11, after complaining of dizziness at a gathering in his production studio during a Christmas party. Reyes originated from the surname of his paternal grandmother, Martha. Retrieved January 16, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


For high school, he went to San Sebastian College. Isang Bala ka Lang 2 Synopsis: Fernando Poe Jr’s Presidential Candidacy.

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He, too, is a steadfast defender of justice and peace. Candidates in the Philippine presidential election. In the verge of adversity that has happened to his ea, he became so depressed, self-centered and hopeless in life, until a heinous felony re-arise in their place, he tried to unveil the hidden mystery of the cases In a world where the most corrupt are the castt powerful, is there a room for a good man’s quest for justice to succeed?

Written and directed by multi-awarded director Lino Brocka depicting the atrocities inflicted by the Japanese invaders upon the hapless Filipinos whom they raped and massacred particularly in the town of Santiago during the second world war. As the netherwordly configuration of violence and destruction dawn upon them, it likewise fast clear. Directed by Augusto Salvador. With Fernando Poe Jr.

Retrieved from ” https: His long kamah as an action film star earned him the nickname “King of Philippine Movies” often shortened to Da King. They later married in a religious service and among their primary sponsors were then- President Ferdinand Marcos and First Lady Imelda. Doctors described his condition as a cerebral thrombosis with multiple organ failure. There he tries to renew ties with his daughter Marissa who has been living with his dead wife’s sister Mariel. Both loved and respected by their family and castt.

Ang Panday [The Blacksmith].