During the event, Aarti and Ansh start off well but in the middle of the race, Aarti trips over her dupatta and falls down. When Aarti leaves, it starts thundering. Aarti too wishes to marry Yash only for the sake of Ansh. Aarti recollects the moments spent with her ex-husband Prashant and for a moment imagines him to be around her. Instead of pacifying Aarti, Mansi tells her that Yash is a flirt and asks her to accept the reality. He tries to convince them saying that there was a firm yet soft side to Aarti.

She asks Aarti to come out with her. Later, Vidhi and Amma go to the second class compartment to meet Shobha and Satyendra. She tries to convince Shobha and Satyendra that just by changing her name she would never be able to take over Arpita’s position in Yash’s life. Shobha replies that his father’s name was Yash Scindia. Pankaj requests his father to talk to Yash about it. He also summons Pankaj to the venue.

Aarti feels sad, when Yash’s aunt insults her family by questioning them why none of their relatives had accompanied them. Aarti reads the letter, which informs her about Yash’s father’s decision. Mansi is surprised on learning that Aarti was with Yash and his daughters. Yash and his family are traveling in the AC compartment of the same train in which Aarti and her family are traveling. He feared the insect may bite Aarti and so he tried to blow it off.

When Yash returns to his house, Sindhiya Niwas, his mother finds him upset and asks the reason. Punar Vivaah – Episode 10 – Full Episode.

Punar Vivaah – Zindagi Milegi Dobara

Yash’s father gets upset at Gayatri for misplacing the engagement ring. Punar Vivaah – Episode 14 – Full Episode. It is revealed that the important guests whom Yash had asked Pratik to receive were none other than Arpita’s parents. Vidhi and Amma see Aarti, when she gets down from the train, along with Ansh at some station.

Yash overhears their conversation. Yash too merely looks at the ring with disinterest. Palak and Payal feel lonely as the family is busy making arrangements for the weddings. Yash, however, does not believe in such customs and refuses to change Aarti’s name. He states that just by changing Aarti’s name to Arpita, she would never be able to take Arpita’s position in his life.


Aarti, however, is determined to get remarried to Yash for the sake of Ansh’s happiness. Aarti gets furious and slaps him hard. Yash’s father believes that if Gayatri had not misplaced the ring, they would not be in this situation. Before leaving, Yash’s father keeps Aarti’s photograph on the table but Yash does not look at it.

He jokingly asks Yash if he liked the girl much to Yash’s displeasure Vidhi shows some photographs of prospective brides and asks Yash to select one.

Paridi is surprised on learning that Yash has decided to attend the party. When Aarti refuses to accompany the duo, Mansi tries to convince her.

Shobha requests Aapne not to change Aarti’s name. Aarti states that she fulfilled all of Ansh’s demands. One of the guests finds it surprising that a widow was getting married again. Palak and Payal share their apprehension with Yash. He punae takes her to Yash and asks her to enjoy along with him.

Punar Vivaah – Episode 25 – Full Episode. After Yash leaves, Gayatri informs Shobha about her husband’s decision.

When they return home, Shobha and Satyendra apologize to Aarti.

Punar vivah season 2 episode 400

Aarti refuses to forget Prashant and confesses that she still loves him. She emphasizes that she would always remember that she married Yash episoves for Ansh’s sake. Palak and Payal get angry at Ansh and accuse him of lying.

Paridi gets furious on learning about Pratik’s bachelor’s party and that some female dancers were invited to perform. She teases Pratik as he would soon get married since Yash had agreed to get remarried.

Meanwhile, Shobha tries to convince Aarti to get remarried for the sake of her son Ansh.


Satyendra is about to reveal the truth to Aarti when Mansi arrives. A furious Aarti rejects Yash’s proposal as she does not want to separate from Ansh. Aarti is furious at Yash as she doubts his intentions behind getting married to her.

Aarti agrees to go ahead with the engagement and comes downstairs. Yash is left in a dilemma and is unable to decide whether to remarry or remain single.

Scindia family, except Yash, discusses about Aarti’s proposal for Yash.

Punar Vivah Season 2 Episode

At that time, Gayatri finds the couple tensed and asks the reason. Before their marriage, Prashant had vowed to take care of Aarti and also to be with her throughout the life. Mansi tells Aarti that this was the right time to tell Yash her intentions behind getting married to him. Aarti and her family are boarded in the second class compartment. After seeing Mr Khanna’s overfriendly behavior with his daughter, Gayatri fears that Paridhi may even transform Pratik’s behavior after their wedding.

Meanwhile, Pratik sees Aarti and recognizes her. She suspects that Yash was more interested in getting close to Aarti and so he had come to drop her home. Her husband tries to convince her saying that they would do a favor on Aarti by accepting Ansh and thus that she never went against them and always danced to their tunes.

Yash and his family too do not see Aarti. He decides to call up Aarti immediately and stop her from entering the caf. When Gayatri and Vidhi perform the roka ceremony, Aarti gets scared. She gets shocked on learning that her marriage was fixed on April 2, which was her and Prashant’s wedding anniversary.

Aarti makes an excuse to avoid going out.