Emma and Killian are living together; Regina and Robin are engaged; David and Mary Margaret are living their happy ending In the same moment of time, half a world apart, two lives change and decisions are finally made. Mas o destino chega e prova para Harry que talvez Ginny podia ser tudo o que ele queria, e tudo o que ele precisava. A now blind Cordelia develops the power of Second Sight and finds out about Hank’s indiscretion, causing him to worry that she will find out his real secret of being a witch hunter. Banner by Ro Nordmann. Life has continued on and now they are happily expecting their first child.

Pretty Little Liars – Rated: The Council of Witchcraft pays a surprise visit the Academy to discuss Madison’s disappearance. May contain words some readers find offensive Hunger Games – Rated: New Epic Length novel! Ten months after the birth of her son, Rory starts to feel like she has the motherhood thing figured out. Forget the Deathly Hallows and read what happens when Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny are trained before they go on a quest for all the Horcruxes. K – English – Chapters:

What happens when Bonnie’s powerful magic gets out of hand and a spell goes wrong sending Stefan and Caroline back in time a thousand years.

Il rituale viene compiuto, ma sembra non funzionare. Until they over hear the MF Gang has a little blond secret weapon. How will the people around her react to the news?

Qui conosce le sue compagne: Sistemata la questione, Fiona e Cordelia escono fuori a bere insieme.


My Loyal Friend by jordanbear reviews Klaus Mikaelson, the Original Hybrid finally is settled down in his family home. Heartstrings by taylortot reviews One of Marinette’s rare unlucky days turns into something treacherous.

American Horror Story: Coven witches returning after Apocalypse |

Retrieved March 16, They had fought against the greatest evil – what was next? Let The Games Begin by coveredinthecolors reviews After kissing the guy she swore to hate for all of eternity, Caroline does her best to avoid him at all costs. With Fiona gone, the girls finally band together as a Coven. Everything Has Changed by Rainedonmyparade reviews April needs a date for hoeror parents wedding anniversary and somehow she manages to talk Jackson into going with her.

Episodi di American Horror Story (terza stagione)

Series – Watching Right Now. The Road Less Traveled by Angelikah reviews It’s been a year and a half since she covn the organization, and Caroline still isn’t all that fond of mass-murdering psychopaths.

How is she going to repair their relationship if she can’t even get him to talk to her? Strangely enough she is confirmed the first vampire to have become pregnant. I’m Coming, Nashi by flamefairyx reviews I have suffered too much to let her slip through my fingers again.

I want to be King by ali reviews. Is there any hope for Fly after 3xx11 finale admission? Quando tutti credono che la nuova suprema sia Madison, Myrtle propone a Cordelia di sinopsf le 7 prove in quanto si trattava della figlia della vecchia suprema. When Caroline is able to remember will she have the will to forgive Klaus?


He realizes how many things Rory has changed in his apartment. I had a human being developing sinppse of me The chemistry between them sizzles and the passion seems to ignite when they are near, but will they do what is right? Just the story I pictured playing out in my head. Mentre parlano, qualcuno bussa con forza alla porta.

Forget the Deathly Hallows and read what happens when Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny are trained before they go on a quest for all the Horcruxes. She expected it to be as it had always been between them. Cordelia makes peace with her dying mother after inheriting her powers and title of Supreme. Never Give Up Hope by tippy reviews Caroline fights to retain her humanity after her mother dies tragically by adopting a toddler named Hope. The one who performs them all successfully is the next Supreme.

Retrieved November 24, Cora lets the curse take Killian, and her action changes the course of events in Storybrooke, forever changing their lives. Red Passion by Miss.

She shows Madison what it means to be a real witch, and gets her to reveal another new power she possesses.