The Boys chat about a woodpecker who recently made news by going ballistic on a utility pole. Episode – Daddy Long Legs 0. What are they smoking today??! Ricky also ponders leg extensions and head transplants! After trying to watch the American version, I question that decision. Bubbles is high as fack this week – he can’t tell the difference between a duck and a helicopter! Ricky is a weed wonder, with a third lung for dope smoke and a brain covered in years of resin.

Learn how to deal with judges! Episode – Tooth Brushing with Beer 0. Look out Europe, these four dicks are coming in September! How did Julian end up with a Ken doll up his ass? Episode – Make Weed Illegal Again 0. Episode – Huli Huli Chicken Anyone?

What would Ricky do if he was a stingray? Forget the Julianator, the Boys brainstorm some new greasy Julian-flavoured merch, and Ricky also has reason to believe that there will be 25 hours in the day SOON. They discuss why Bubbles should change his name to Pubbles, Ricky’s smooth new look, a paragliding swearist, and whether Iron Man has an iron cock. Ricky and Julian consider going back to jail for the winter, and Bubbles asks an ethically complicated question that involves banging a horse to save billions of lives.

Whatchoo talkin’ about, Bubbles? Bubbles reflects on our veterans and gives us his two cents, the Boys go through some emails and discuss Grilled Huli Huli Chicken, and Ricky considers quality control as Explicit Episode – The Golden Boys. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are back from Iceland and are full of the fucking overpriced Viking spirit! Bitchcoin, a cock story, and AI psychopaths!!


Look out Europe, these four dicks are coming in September! The Trailer Park Boys brand might be strong, but the comedy series is stale. Catch the full episode at SwearNet. Ace astronaut Chris Hadfield talks to the boys about okt in space, the hunt for aliens, and flying an F fighter jet like a badass! They also discover the porno habits of the North Koreans, find alexisonfide what an El Rey Magnum is, and catch up on Barney the Dinosaur’s latest Cany anyone help me?

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The Boys are back from tour and ready to set sail. Anyone wanna employ Ricky? This week, the Boys have a very special guest: If these guys can do it, so can you.

Episode 95 is brought to you by And what about Cher?

Julian signed a bong deal for the Boys and Ricky does some quality okt testing with the help of some hash… er, chocolate. Who will win Kitty of the Week?

Explicit Episode 90 – Beer! I miss you guys xox. They talk about their alter egos joining the Jenner clan, and commercial possibilities of Julian-flavoured load beer. The Boys are still pretty banged up after their trip to Toronto to promote Freedom And do bats learnt blind?


TPB fans ask: what in the fuck happened to baby Randy?

Explicit Episode – Familiar Drugs with Alexisonfire. Who in the fuck would raise a baby in Sunnyvale Trailer Park anyway?!!

Why the fuck are children always disappearing in Sunnyvale? Episode is brought to you by the official Trailer. The Boys argue about the existence of Batman, vaginas and the things we put in them, and whether sucking your own cock is worth it. Just curious cause i saw garage doors painted up to look like a prison-thanks turd ticklers!

On the latest Trailer Park Boys Podcast: Bubbles gets a massage!

Snoop Dogg joins Trailer Park Boys Season 10 cast

When are you guys coming to Toronto to do another show? The Boys share some drunk and stoned stories from their recent US tour! The Boys are joined by Randy in Steel City for a debate about the present, the past, the future, time change and fucking with the Space Time Continuum.

Will Ricky ever get a real fuckin job? And what about Barbara Bush? Explicit Episode – Matt Mays, on the Liquor.