A new English translation by Ann Goldstein was published in This read was a nice break after reading long books. The prose is smooth, dreamlike. Or maybe just an unattainable dream? Local businessman Baldabiou, who runs three silk mills that support the town economy, is at risk from a European-wide silkworm disease. But I do believe that I pointed him in the right direction. I wish I could tell you about the woman and the impact she had upon Herve, but that would ruin the story for you.

Mar 30, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 9 comments. Full Cast and Crew. Instead, Baricco uses only the least bit of detail to convey such a tumultuous time of Japanese and world history. View all 12 comments. When Herve returns this last time, charred villages and a way of life that he remembers are black phantoms upon the landscape. But Baricco had other ideas. Right book at the right time.

May 13, TK rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was the aviary that Hara Kei had baricvo intrigued me. The show kicks off with [ Not to mention the woman that Herve loves? Right book at the right time. This is another form of love story, one written in almost poetic form.

Silk by Alessandro Baricco

Il signor Baricco sapeva bene quel che faceva incastonando nella narrazione brani che ricorrono identici. A married silkworm smuggler, Herve Joncour, in 19th Century France who travels to Japan to collect his clandestine cargo. Beautifully written, surrounded by a veil of mystery, fragile like silkworms eggs and delicate as silk thread.

Herve Joncour is a silkworm buyer who, at first, travels across Europe, past the Mediterranean, into Syria and Egypt to buy the precious silkworm eggs. No matter, it was beautiful Keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen. His theatrical monologue, Novecento, was adapted into film, titled The Legend of Silk reads like a gauzy flowing breeze.


Although the young Frenchman and the girl are unable to exchange so much as a word, love blossoms between them, conveyed by a number of recondite messages in the course of four visits the Frenchman pays to Japan.

A love story, but not a love story. The beauty of the language is undeniable.

Silk- Alessandro Baricco | To read or not to read

But not this time, not this time. This is not really a view, this is. View all 3 comments. Voglia accomodarsi, ho detto. He bought and baricc. He read the fly cover and taking a small notebook out of his pocket, wrote down the title of the book and the name of the author.

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It is intimate and sad and in the end it ask a question about what we want to be remembered for? Anche adesso ne sta pensando una delle sue. Silk Canada – Italy – Japan Production: La magia del manufatto, nel nostro caso uova di baco da seta, consiste nel loro essere intatte e perfette, non contaminate dalla malattia che sta invece contagiando i bachi europei.

Comfortable language, cozy, gentle. It was translated into English in by Guido Waldman. As a tale it also has an element of the oral tradition, with periodic repetitions to help its audience reme This read was a nice break after reading long books. Joncour a Frenchman is thus charged by Baldabiou with going to Japan at the other end of the world in this quest to find the eggs.

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At times, it may feel as if you don’t understand the significance of each passing “I never even heard her voice. Voor wie even wil spieken is hier een link naar een paar illustraties op haar eigen site: Despite the potential for adventure and ethnographic detail in this ambitious trip across two continents, soe like the novel is entirely uninterested in such mundane matters.


E il comunicare messaggi forti dove lo lasciamo? Perry in Endo Bay. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Full Cast and Crew.

Vitaly The protagonist lives the rest of his alessandrk in solemn tranquility and tells strangers stories about his travels to Japan. Views Read Edit View history.

Dicevano che era un santo. Silk is a film adaptation of Italian author Alessandro Baricco ‘s novel of the same name. One final trip to a now war-ravaged Japan ensues, and the high hand of alessanrdo orchestrates the final details, which are portrayed in a state of airless drama.

Een teer en verdrietig verhaal over liefde en verlangen. Dopo Seta, continuo imperterrita a non capire Baricco. Having said that, I liked the writing, I thought it had baricc interesting construction and I am planning to read more by the author.

Was it a parable of human life with all its ambitions and failures?

Silk- Alessandro Baricco

Less fertile, alas, is the union between Herve and Helene. Now, it would have been easy for the author, Alessandro Baricco, to bombard the reader with fascinating details about the politics of Japan, and the history of opening the island to outsiders.

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