The sequence in the hands of a lesser director would have fallen flat on its sobbing face. With relatively fresh cast and tiny budget, AkaashVani is bagging loads of appreciation from critics. We have huge collection of unlimited Aakashvaani dialogue ‘s songs. So while there are moments which define it and turn it into a brilliantly made film, there are others which take away some parts of the same brilliance. Movies i dont want to see 2. Movies with such wonderful message becomes a box office disaster.

Sad shayri from akashwani. And then we have the dramatic outcome of the decisions. The other day, I was watching a fascinating soccer match English Premier League. Tere Hi Pher Mein.. Akaash Vani Film cover. It takes you through the life of Vani immediately after marriage. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Moving on to the cast, the two actors share a deep chemistry after their known first film.

Shayari – Alfaz -e- Mohobbat: Akaash Vani Shayari “Humne jo ki thi mohabbat, aaj bhi hai”

Today, I just want to ask this one thing to you that why when a daughter tells her father movif the partner they have chosen for her is not right. Inspiring women to live their best life for last 7 years. Acting was OK, OK only. One of the best dialogue of dialovues movie.

It was like someone was bombarding colour balloons on the screen from behind. The role of the two protagonists is very well played by Nushrat Bharucha and Kartik Tiwari.

AKAASH VANI dialogue promos: Nushrat Bharucha and Kartik Tiwari pack a punch

Well, what do you think? It makes me wish that the film had been entirely about the second issue. There is a minute capsule which is beautifully cut, but badly edited. The serious and real repercussions of making needless and senseless sacrifices under the influence of regressive, and almost always oppressive, ddialogues norms.


But my dear, we have always thought in your best interest. BGM was satisfactory but some dialoguues were unnecessarily kept. Watch it just for the beautiful and enchanting chemistry of Nushrat and Kartik! I would say the promotions are misleading though. The Times of India. If you have downloaded a copy, keep skipping every now and then and finish the movie in about 45 minutes.

All that came across was a superficial, wannabe cutesy protagonist. After all, movie is very slow and lengthy. The movie just goes on and on and on and on by this time.

Akaash Vani – Dare to Get Out of Dysfunctional Relationship

Full credit to Kiran Kumar here for his very realistic portrayal. Unlike other contemporary celluloid raconteurs Ranjan is not fearful of silences. If more than my happiness, you are bothered about what the society would think and how they would perceive, then No.

Kartik has done good work and Nusarat has done excellent. AkaashVani movie is a very intense love story about two young people who can’t think beyond their mutual love.

They ranged from market expansion strategies for pharma clients to operational […].

Jan 25, Motivational film main samay hoon. She tells her sister about her relationship with Akaash, but her sister reacts negatively, saying that their parents would not approve. He expects the wife to cook, not work, not study further, submit to his carnal desires at night willingly or otherwisetakes jab at her for everything, and so on and so forth. Jaane kis shayar ka jhoota vaham tum ho Iss zameen se falak bedhadak bedhadak Itrati hui, balkhati hui Baadalon ke pare gote khate hui Behaya, besharam kat ke bhagi hui Sarphiri, manchali pagal patang tum ho Haan tum ho.


Somewhere, in those 94 minutes, there were […]. I have seen women spending their whole lives serving family vahi that they also deserve to live life in a way they want.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The one scene towards the climax where Nushrat and Kartik break down at a station speaks volumes of their impeccable sense of timing at emoting right and their neat execution of feelings which they are meant to portray.

Except that the marriage is a bad idea, and the husband is an educated prick of the worst kind that all real and pseudo feminists would love to hate. This guy Ravi is an educated moron. This video and mp3 song of Akaash vani frustrated dialogue is published by Awnit Kumar on 21 Feb This video and mp3 song of Akaash vani shayari best dialogue and scene is published by Best Dialogue And Scene on 26 Jun Quite like Pyar ka Punchnama, this one loses momentum the moment it decides to move from quips to sentiyapa.

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