Sony Vaio Notebooks bei Geizhals. Google Play App Store. Computing Sony’s ultraportable Vaio range has long been a popular choice for business users requiring a light yet powerful laptop. Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: Most applications opened in one second or less. The laptop is good for small business users, home play-makers, students or regular internet users.

Bright Hub As with most cases, we can not conclude our comparison with “go for this”. Windows 7 Professional 64 BIT with SP1 is installed on this unit and the relevant drivers have been installed as well. Overall graphics performance was good given the ZN’s small footprint. Sony Vaio Z Z21 recensione Source: Add to Wish List. This fast, lightweight notebook offers long battery life, switchable graphics, and a bright, crisp With Sprint mobile broadband enabled, we saw pretty solid endurance as well.

Like most VAIO machines it is pricey, but if you’re a demanding user then the price is well worth it. We’d like to be able to turn these warnings off after the first time. We found the layout easy to use and the keys comfortable, with just the right amount of springy feedback.

Sony Vaio Notebooks bei Geizhals. The laptop has a noisy internal fan but fully working.

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When on the move you can switch between dedicated vgn-z50d integrated graphics, with the difference being an extra three hours in battery life. This laptop was very similar to its predecessor, and we had to dock points for that. We also love this high resolution for making the most of Windows 7 features like Snap for comparing two windows side by side.

The crisp and sharp Due to missing vggn-z750d no further test were taken.

Acer Aspire Colour: Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. It mightn’t boast the wow factor it once had, what with the seemingly never-ending slew of slimline competitors, but it’s still seres to behold. The recipient said that we looked clear and she could easily see the color of our eyes.


The resolution difference was more pronounced when we output the video signal from both notebooks to a large Gateway HD monitor via HDMI, but the playback on the Blu-ray-equipped VAIO was choppier–we could hear the optical drive spin before the picture skipped.

Less than 1 GB More from this seller.

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The laptop can only be turned on with the power cord. To the right is a dedicated eject button for the optical drive.

Distortion set in at maximum volume when we streamed tunes from Pandora, but we were still impressed with the output overall. Colors popped when we were editing photos and watching DVDs, and the screen’s horizontal viewing angles are among the best we’ve seen.

Is this lightweight wonder still the king of the hill? Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: Green Testing The VAIO Z took one hour and 59 minutes to reach the percent mark while charging and 3 hours and one minute to get to percent.

Despite these niggles, however, this is a superb ultra-portable laptop. Less than 1 GB. Latpop in near mint condition.

Sony Vaio VGN-Z Series

Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: Present, Holds at least 40 minutes. Boots to the BIOS. When we last looked at the VAIO Z, we said it was the closest thing to a perfect ultraportable notebook that we’ve tested. On the left side you’ll find a switch for the notebook’s graphics system, which you can toggle between Speed, Stamina, and Soony modes.

All it takes is one look at the brushed aluminum that adorns the deck and the stylish cylindrical display hinges the left side houses the AC plug and the right the power button to know that the ZN is a vgn-750d notebook.


More refinements More refinements If battery life doesn’t matter to you, you have deep pockets and you want a full-gamut RGB screen, there’s a lot of to appreciate here.

Be aware though that the system does not have an XP downgrade feature even though Sony advertises such a feature. Toward the end of our testing, the Connect button included in the Sony SmartWi utility simply stopped working, although to be vgn-a750d, ours was a preproduction sample. Skip to main content. Mbps, respectively, at 15 and 50 feet away from our router. Light, speedy, and long-lasting–not to mention secure and good-looking–are the attributes we look for in ultraportables, and the VAIO Z series has them all.

We like the Vaio Z11’s performance, portability and connectivity, but we were disappointed with the battery life – especially because its dual-GPU set-up is supposed to improve it.

FromSony has reduced the production of Vaio laptops and finally discontinued them. We also noticed that this machine was quicker when installing software than most other notebooks.

The x x 33mm dimensions conceal a generous Bright Hub As with most cases, we can not conclude our comparison with “go for this”.

However, they offered solid feedback. But anyone familiar with the Z-series will be glad to hear that, physically, Sony hasn’t changed a thing. In the more demanding Far Cry 2, the notebook notched a solid 55 fps at x but a barely vgnz-750d 20 fps at native resolution.

That runtime is below the category average of 5: Processor Type see all.